Arts 5710

In 1974 I took two upper division photography classes at the University of Minnesota. Not so much to complete my double degree, but more an an indulgence into an interest I have had since a young teenager. Thanks to my a generous Father who allowed me to buy exotic materials for these classes, but also to my knowing several charming young ladies, I was able to create images of enduring beauty - at least to my eye.

The efforts created two portfolios of work. one body of Black and White and the other of Colour. For the Black and White work used an untraditional medium printing on wood, glass and mirrors. The color portfolio celebrated color of a world only within my mind.

Although it has been years since I have shot 35mm film, I will always feel a soft feeling of affection for the medium. There is no doubt digital gives a fuller and precise way to create an image, but good old silver halide and chemistry always added a bit of magic to the art.

Thanks again to Candy, Louie, Anne and Maureen for lending me their time and beauty.





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