Minneapolis Institute of Arts Student Volunteers Program



Bob Zeller Guest Lecturer on Films

Barbara Kaerwer


Barbara K's Media Show/Lecture

St. John's College

Jean Harley -Teacher, ? Barbara-Ann March, Candy Frisk, Maureen Cavanaugh (died in 2005), Amy Stark (guest) Stephen Henning

Stephen Henning, Jean Harlry, Candy Frisk, ?, Barbara Bezat

Back: ? , Jill Caine. Front: Candy Frisk, Maureen Cavanaugh.

Jill Caine, Candy Frisk, Maureen Cavanaugh, Jean Harley


Eating at the Fujiya - Candy Frisk and Judy Lowrie Nordloef (Judy died of cancer in 10/14/1985)

Juldy graduated from Sarah Lawrence College with a degree in Art History

Louie Bofferding

Louie on the bus

Barb Kaerwer, ? , Stephen Henning, Candy Frisk

At St. John's, Barbara-Ann March, Barb, Scot Faulkner on far right

Barb catching 40 winks

At MIA, Barbara lectures about the S curve and Stephen Henning looking like the Thinker

Judy Lowrie Nordloef (died of cancer in 10/14/1985) & Maureen Bridget Cavanaugh (died of cancer in 4/4/2005)

Stanley Stepnitz, Scot Faulkner, Leslie Myers, Stephen Henning, and Barbara Kaerwer

(Bearded gentleman was a Conservator at MIA)

We were visiting Arnold in the Conservatory Department at MIA



Miss Cavanugh & ?

Judy Nordloef, Candy Frisk and Maureen Cavanaugh - Mediaeval Art

Barbara and Jean

At MIA, ? Jeannie Behrend, Barbara, ? Jill Caine, Candy Frisk, Maureen Cavanaugh, Stanley Stepnitz, Barbara-Ann March, Leslie Myers

At St. Johns

Jean in her office

Louie, Jean, ? Rita Ducharme, the brother, Barbara

On the bus

Maureen Cavanaugh, Candy Frisk, Judy Nordloef

Madame Barbara at lecture.

Maureen while doing a student film.


Judy and Maureen

Dane Sorensen working in Slide Library

A Few Shots of the MIA Class of 1971

Andrea Blum on bus tour of art.

Liz Lott and Candy Frisk

Maureen at MIA

Jean and ?

1972 Class Bus Tour



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